February 11                                                                        Dan Crary                                          7:00 PM                                                                           $20                                                                                    

He is a musical legend, a pioneer of one of the most intricate, yet powerful, forms of American music, and a master of the guitar. He’s Dan Crary, a flatpicking stylist with an international reputation for innovation, taste and brilliance. With more than 50 years as a performer, Crary is one of the few artists whose work can be said to transcend the boundaries of style and genre.

March 11                                                                                 Paper Wings7:00 PM                                                                           $20

Paper Wings is a new old-fashioned acoustic duo featuring Emily Mann (of The Crooked Jades) and Wilhelmina. These two young artists have been deeply immersed in the West Coast music scene for most of their lives. Now they are joining forces to create music that’s based on their shared love of tradition, old beauty, and the compelling need for new and original sounds. Their duo features classic vocal harmonies over a rotating cast of fiddles, guitar, and banjo. Their debut album is set to release in February 2017. Their music is fine and supple, rough and ready, innovative and timeless.

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